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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The digital photocopier - Google Doc copy and assignments in Teamie

This blog post outlines a powerful tool for both sharing copies of Google Docs with students but also collecting them so you can easily provide feedback and track progress. This is a time saver for both students and teachers and avoids the need to students to copy links and submit files.

Within the Online Learning Platform (Teamie) you can make an assignment which will automatically create a copy of a template Google Doc for each student to work on. The assignment will hold the Google Docs in one place so you can scan through students ahead of your final deadlines.

Creating the assignment

Firstly navigate to materials and then press the + button to add an assignment. You will need to give a brief description of the assignment and then use the Google Drive picker as shown below to add a Google Document.

You can add Google Docs, Google Slides or Google Sheets as files to be copied for students.

What do students see?

Once they navigate to the assignment they can select 'take now' There is then a small lag whilst the document is copied and then permissions shared. Once copied students can either work on the file in Teamie or via their Google Drive. 

Once the deadline is reached the students will need to submit for your to allocate marks or use a rubrics. Student can also submit one of more documents using the regular option to link to upload a file. 

Navigating and tracking progress

Once students have clicked to begin the assignment you can view the drafts from the assignment submissions page as outlines below. You can sort by status and then click as shown to see overviews of individual students work and leave comments. 

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