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Monday, 22 January 2018

Growing up in a Distracted World - parent workshop slides

Following on from a popular parent workshop earlier this week we are sharing the slides and associated resources for you to explore at your own pace.

The use of digital technologies at UWCSEA is foregrounded in our research on learning, but against this backdrop we see the widespread use of smartphones and devices in nearly all parts of society as being part of growing up as a teenager. The following slides provide some background context and research and then highlight the importance of self-regulation and executive functioning skills for teenagers grappling with digital technologies for the first time.

Slides towards the end of the presentation highlight a range of digital tools which may support students in tracking usage and potentially blocking distractions. The most important ones are listed separately below.
  • Focus App for self control - this is available to all students but they need to use the school code to enrol for the paid version of the app. We introduce this app via all Middle School Life Skills classes. 
  • Rescue Time for reflection - this piece of software that tracks time spent both on applications and websites on students laptop. Each week students can an email which breaks down use and points to their 'productivity'
  • Moment App for tracking smartphone use - a clever, simple and free app which tracks how many times you pick up your phone and time spent on your phone and individual apps. 
  • Guide to Qustodio for Parental Controls - this is seen as a last resort or where you might like to filter and track usage of the laptop. Can also be used for smart phones.

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