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Thursday 14 December 2017

Sutori Stories

Sutori is a web tool that offers a powerful combination—simplicity and a unique formatting structure that allows students to organise content along a vertical continuum.

The college has a site licence for premium access, just inform a DLC if you'd like your teacher account to be upgraded and they will arrange that for you. As a teacher, any students you add to your class in Sutori will also be upgraded to premium account.

The obvious application is for the creation of a timeline (this tool used to be called HSTRY) but really the true power of it is in easily allowing the distribution of content in a way that shows understanding of order, process, within a linear structure that can also easily be used for collaboration, and can easily be shared with others.

Grade 6 Humanities

Here's an example from a Grade 6 student in a class who were asked to use Sutori to demonstrate their understanding of chronological order.

At the scale of a few days:

And at the scale of ancient history:

Grade 8 English

Approaching challenging texts:

Embedding for Formative Assessment

As Sutori supports embedding, it is a relatively simple step for students to use the embed code to submit their artefacts as an assignment to an online learning platform, making it very easy for the teacher to view the learning in progress and provide feedback see the example here, using Teamie, you can view my other post on embedding if you'd like more detailed instructions on how to do this:

Age Restrictions

Sutori supports Single Sign On (using Google) but unfortunately will restrict the features available if the student using the platform is under 13 years of age. This doesn't really curtail the use of the tool, but it does mean that they cannot share their work very easily, for example using embed code, or using a share link for peers or for their teacher to view. Instead, the teacher would need to set up a class within Sutori and invite students to join, then can share their work within Sutori, which is better than nothing, but far from ideal. 

An alternative (apart from waiting until they are 13 years old) is to use this Google Drawing as a template, not as simple to use as Sutori, but pretty close: 


  1. Under 13 years old: If a teacher creates a classroom, then can the teacher or student embed that into a Google Site?
    Our Google accounts are walled, so the site can't be shared out to people outside of the district.

    1. Unfortunately, it sounds like Sutori won’t be useful for you then, the only person who can see the content is the teacher. Maybe you can try a Google Drawing instead? You should feedback to Sutori directly about this.