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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Share your presentation with the world, but first...

Maybe there are people who missed your awesome presentation for very good reasons, (other than the prospect of boredom) but who would still like to see what they missed.

It's also possible that the those who did attend would appreciate being able to recap the basics.

So put that work you put into your presentation to good use and share the love, but and it's a big but.

Always avoid sending original documents if possible - it's generally a bad idea. As a rule, with all things digital, avoid sharing anything with an audience that can be misappropriated, messed up and/or monstrous (in size), such as an entire Keynote or PowerPoint presentation itself - why?

  • Firstly the attachment is likely to be gargantuan (too big for email = anything larger than 1 MB IMHO) especially if you haven't resized the images*...
  • Secondly you can't assume that the intended recipients will have the necessary software to run the presentation - or of they do, it may look like a canine's dinner, especially if they are missing certain fonts etc.
  • Thirdly you are opening yourself to the possibility of recipients editing your presentation to say things you didn't, or passing it on to others who could/might...

Both Keynote and Powerpoint have the option to Export as images or video, which can then be easily shared as a slideshow with parents via Picasa, or iPhoto etc.

Keynote > Export > Quicktime (Movie) or Images or PDF (the PDF is still likely to be a hefty attachment though)

PowerPoint > Save as Pictures or Save as Movie

In a nutshell.

  • Rather than sending Word or Pages Docs, use PDFs
  • Rather than sending presentations, create a slide show or video.

How do I make it a PDF?

Any document on a Mac can be turned into a PDF, if you can print it, you can PDF it, Just chose Print, then Save as PDF.


*To resize all the images in a presentation is easy as well:

Keynote > File > Reduce File Size
PowerPoint > File > Reduce File Size

How to use Picasa here.


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