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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Use a UWCSEA template for your presentations

Communications have created several templates you can use, on the shared drive here:

College Admin/Communications/Communciations Resources/Communications Toolkit May 2012/Templates

Or you can download the UWCSEA Keynote Template from here, or here:

  1. Open it in Keynote
  2. Save it as a Theme (File > Save Theme...)
  3. Open the Keynote you want to convert
  4. Apply the theme you saved at step 3 (File > Choose Theme, scroll to the bottom)

Even better, now that theme is going to stay here for reuse next time... 


You can turn any PowerPoint file into a Keynote by just opening it in Keynote, yes maybe a little tweakage will be needed, but what price is perfection, right? You'll thank me when your audience give you a standing ovation.

If you're looking for some fantastic images to grace your presentation, Communications have some great ones for you to use on the Media Drive and here:

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