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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Sharing using Google Drive Folders

This year you might want to consider using Google Drive (aka GDrive) instead of the shared drive and email.

Google Docs can get a bit ... overwhelming, in case you haven't noticed?

To a certain extent it 'self regulates' by keeping only the most current stuff at the top, but still, it can be hard for a team to find what they need when they need it, and relying on searching by guessing the keywords in the file name is not ideal...

So, what is the solution?

Create a folder in your GDrive, and name it something obvious, then share THAT with a team, just like you would with a Google Doc, only now instead of having to share individual docs and files with them all you do is drag and drop (or create) them into that folder - then it is automatically shared with them, along with any sub folders, and the docs/files in those folders.


Even better you can manage your teams 'exposure' by removing docs from that folder that are now no longer relevant, (or changing the permissions on a sub folder) so you could have another folder in your GDrive to place files for your team that you don't wish to share with them yet. Move files between those folders, by dragging them in they can access them, drag them out and they can't.

Finally, if you have installed GDrive on our Mac (you have, right?) then you can easily manage that folder from your Finder, even easier, any changes you make are reflected in real time online.

Of course this system works with students as well... 

They can drag the whole folder into their 'My Drive' to make it easier to find, without affecting anyone else.

But don't take my word for it, here's the run down from Google themselves, and here:

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