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Friday, 4 May 2012

SonicPics in Grade 1

Objective: Research, plan, make and present an endangered animal project for the "Extinction is Forever" unit.

As part of the Grade 1 endangered animal research project the children were given options for ways to present their research to the class. Some children chose to use the SonicPics App on the iPad.

First they researched certain facts about their animal.

Then they had to find photos/pictures that would match their information for each slide. They used Google images, books, drew pictures and used objects.

They worked independently to take pictures, add captions and plan their speech for each slide.

When they were happy with their slides they could then record the information using their plan to complete their presentation. They then presented it to the class using the IWB.

As it turned out, Ms Foster and Ms Putt need not have spent hours diligently attending drop in sessions after school, and during their holiday to work out how to use it, as the kids investigated it themselves and worked it out and could even trouble shoot problems along the way!

Mr McHugh disagrees ... these remarkable teachers very wisely worked through a plethora of potential Apps, before whittling the choice down to one App they knew would be ideal for their students to use.

This is another excellent example of teachers providing the pedagogical and content expertise of years of teaching, and creatively finding way to make this even more effective by facilitating the effective use of digital technologies with their students. The teachers focus on the pedagogy and content, and their students take care of the technology. Marvellous!

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