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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Explain Everything in Grade 3

Explain Everything is an easy-to-use iPad App that lets students, well... explain everything they know about a subject, by annotating, animating, and narrating their explanations - simultaneously. This App is a step up from Apps like ScreenChomp and Show Me, as students can access many more options, so while it lacks the simplicity of those Apps, it more than makes up for it in terms of the possibilities it offers. Multiple screens, undo and redo, text labelling, laser pointers, and a whole host of ways to export the completed video from the iPad.

The central idea for the Media Mania unit is to teach the students that understanding advertising helps them to make informed choices.

So at the end of the unit, for their summative assessment each student 'explained everything' they knew about: 

• The forms and location of advertising
• The strategies used to make advertising effective
• How their feelings, beliefs and values can be influenced by advertising

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  1. i know the guy who made explain everything. he is a boy