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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Making the most of Kahoot online quizzes

Kahoot is a ridiculously popular online quiz tool with students that you have probably heard about. Here is a couple of quick hints to maximise its potential benefits, and some alternatives to explore as well. See our full guide on the Tech Hub here

What is Kahoot? 

It is a games based quiz tool which is similar but different to Socrative where students get points when they get an answer correct and additional bonus points based on their speed in responding. As a teacher you see a bar-chart visual once students have completed each question to help unpack misconceptions during the quiz with students. 

Quick Hints:

Use the public banks of quizzes: There is a vast and growing public gallery of Kahoot quizzes, which you can duplicate and adapt and share with your students and colleagues. The tool is currently free, but students need to be in your classroom to participate and access the code.

Download summary of student responses and scores: A slightly hidden feature is the ability to download the full lists of responses as a spreadsheet once students have completed the activity. This provides you with a full breakdown by question and by student and even tells you how long it took the student to answer a question. More information than you will ever need to help guide and inform your classroom practice. 

Alternatives quiz / revision tools

A spoke to a student how had used Kahoot 3 times in one day, so as always variety is important.
  • Socrative - similar online quizzes, either teacher or self paced but without the competitive scoring. Easy to share between colleagues with the code and to download full summary or results as PDF.
  • Quizlet - online flashcards and games for revision. Similar competitive scoring in Scatter Mode, and excellent for terminology revision.
  • Zaption presenter mode; where the video plays on the teacher screen and students answer preset questions on their laptops.
  • Quizzes in Teamie - provides greater range of questions types and connected to units and your classes.
  • Polls in your Teamie class - quick tool for checking for misconceptions or developing hinge questions.

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