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Friday, 13 March 2015

Formative Assessment with Google Forms and a Video

A great hint I learned last year from a colleague Steve Voster at UWCSEA, is to repurpose a Google Form to help students engage with a simple video tutorial.  Whilst YouTube is full of many suitable tutorials such as the Crash Course resources, the struggle is getting students to engage and to elicit some feedback on their level of understanding whilst they watch. Within a Google Form you can now embed a video which opens up a new realm of possibilities for getting students to engage with a video. 
Google Forms are a simple way to collect some feedback. Create one from your Google Drive, then play the video whilst waiting for a few key points. I try to develop "hinge questions" which really highlight if the student gets a concept, these are explained in the work of educationalist Dylan Wiliam. Less questions the better !
Recently, Google Forms was updated so you can embed a video directly into the form. Once you have finished share with your students for homework. The feedback spreadsheet of student responses is a great discussion starter/plenary at the beginning of the next lesson. 
Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 1.24.08 PM
Google Forms can now be shared with colleagues so others can reuse and recycle your task. Just remember your colleague needs to make a copy of your form.  Whilst this isn't revolutionary it is just a nice example of repurposing a few tech tools to make learning a little more interesting and effective, it sure beats reading the textbook each week.
As shown below, you can access the student responses via the associated spreadsheet, or scroll through via the "Show Summary of Responses" button in the Google Form.
Basics of Demand   Video Tutorial

Summary of Responses as a spreadsheet.

Full tutorial to get started.

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  1. Google offers infinite possibilities to teach via technology. There's SO much to learn! I'm excited, but admittedly overwhelmed. Thank you for sharing these tools....