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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Media and the College Media Drive

Media, media everywhere, but where exactly?

The old Media Drive (used to be in the doverstudentfs drive) has been rendered obsolete by a nice new shiny, and most importantly HUGE Media Drive.

Google Drive should still be your first stop for everything, but especially for longer/larger videos, and collections of photos, the Media Drive (while on campus) is a lot faster to access than Google Drive.

This drive is available to all students as well, so ideal if you need to make video resources available for them.

You get to it the same way you do any of the shared drives [Finder > Go > Connect to Server], only the address is smb:// 

AVA will be using this drive to leave media for you this year (such as pupil photos, arts festival videos etc) rather than the old shared drives. You will also no doubt find other material or relevance as the year goes on.

This is not permanent storage, as it will be wiped at the end of each academic year, so for video you want to keep permanently, make sure you back it up to an external drive over the holidays, you can always put it straight back on when you get back.

For more on video and what to use for what and and why, and when, go to this link:

For more on managing images and conserving drive space by being smarter in how you size images, click here:

You can always find the address to this server, and other college Media resources from the Portal.

UWCSEA Media Centre AKA Asset-bank

You will also find a link here to a great collection of UWCSEA images—a college archive that has been carefully curated by the Communications team over the years, all are searchable and can be filtered by campus/college/school etc. 

Comms also have a small collection of images that are particularly handy for Presentations  which I've placed on a Google Drive here, for ease of access. These can also be found on the asset bank.

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