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Friday, 16 August 2013

Private Google Calendars

If you are using Google calendars, you should also know that you need to use more than one calendar, as you don't really want your appointment for leg waxing, ear syringing, colonic irrigation, nose/ear hair removal, (yes, I could go on) viewable by anyone you share your calendar with.

And the one of the most awesome features of Google calendars is precisely that you CAN share them.

So how do you resolve this dilemma?

Make a separate 'sub' or 'secondary' calendar and put all your private business in there instead. Now you can share your main calendar with school, and your sub calendars or your little secret.


But, I hear you cry, I want to be able to view my private calendar(s) on my iPhone, iPad - well that's OK, there is a magic link to fix that here:

If you don't use an iDevice, try this link instead.

Just click that, and tick the calendars you want to appear on your iDevice, click SAVE (bottom right corner - easy to miss) and let the computer magic happen.

That's it.

Secondary calendars do have a whole load of other usages other than keeping your beauty treatments to yourself, some uses could be:

  • Admin calendar for keeping track of key meeting times on the school
  • Class calendar that could be shared with students/parents - this could also be embedded in a Google Site
  • Keeping track of an area of responsibility without it cluttering up your main calendar.

Finally - remember it is easy to turn calendars on and off to better manage your calendar view. One click to turn it, off, and one to turn it back on again.


  1. Always amazed at how you know this stuff. Great hints, as I was always struggle to manage personal and work calendars and have then sync nicely to my iOS devices.

  2. Cheers Andrew, it also helps that Google keep tweaking it and making nice little improvements here and there. Like now being able to edit the sub calendars is really handy, and that's a recent development. Thanks to Cher for that tip!