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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Learning with a Shot of Apple

A huge thank you to all of the members of staff who attended our first "Learning with a Shot of Apple" event. It was great to see so many teachers sharing ideas with people from different parts of the school and having discussions around the ways we use technology at UWCSEA to delivery a 21st century learning experience.

A special thank you to the seven amazing staff members listed below, who showcased an element of their classroom practice. We felt these showcases were a nice informal way to share new ideas and hopefully lots of people could draw links back to their personal subject areas, and some new ideas to try. If you are interested in any of the showcases that were presented, please be in touch with the individual staff members.

iPads - two amazing apps
Stuart MacAlpine
How to use your iPAD as an IWB (Doceri) and how to use them as a brilliant interactive textbook (iBook Author).
Skitch for images
Tim Shepherd
Skitch is simple little annotation tool for images when you cant be bothered to open up Photoshop. Why use a sledge hammer to crack a nut? (Download the software here)
Keynote and Narrations
Lizzi Williams
Using the recording feature on Keynote and ShowMe on iPads students practising their speaking and listening skills and teaching others. Similar to Voicethread, but simpler.
StopMotion Animation
Martin Lyon
Will look at ways for students to display understanding by collecting a series of images, showing the evolution of a process. The creation of a StopMotion gives students great opportuntiy to refine their conceptual understanding. The program called Frame by Frame was used to developing the StopMotion animations.
Oral Recording Tools
Michele Pirson
When to record what, why, with what.  How to use simple apple features on a day to day basis.  No special apps, no fancy project, but daily use.  This is an application built into the mac operating system. QuickTime Player
VoiceThread for Feedback
Nicki Hambleton
Voicethread is a simple and quick way to work collaboratively to share, submit and view comments on images, documents, presentations. Groups, individuals or whole classes can set up a thread to annotate visuals, receive feedback, discuss ideas and opinions all online.
Google SketchUp
Dave Hobman
Google Sketchup is a 3D drawing application that is probably good enough to design most objects but it is simple enough for students to learn to use quickly. There are various add on programmes (plugins) that can do clever things such as open up a 3D shape and lay it out flat as a net. Clever and fun!

Music by: Youth Group - Forever Young

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