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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Dropbox Backup

So I was on boarding duty tonight, and I had a G11 student in meltdown due to lost work, from a system crash - the point is, this student, hard working, intelligent, well organised, had a major misconception of how to use both Dropbox and time machine... SO I asked her, you were working in Dropbox ... right? Wrong. But I tell you what, she will from now on. So I asked around, and all of the students I asked have the same confusion, and then it dawned me ... maybe, just maybe teachers do as well?

The problem is this:

Too many of you don't realise that you should be working in Dropbox, let me say that again.

(deep breath)

You should be working in Dropbox

Too many of you work in Documents or on the desktop (a very naughty habit), and maybe copy stuff into the Dropbox periodically, to backup, or maybe an external hard-drive which of course you don't do enough.

There's no point placing loads of video/photos in there (you can use Time Machine for backing that stuff up) as you probably only have 2GB, well I say 'only' that's 2000 MB, which = about 2000 large Word Documents, so more than enough for you.

So, here's a little video I made, to walk you through this simple little process. It's only 4 minutes and 39 seconds minutes long, but it could well save you a great deal of stress/swearing/time recreating lost work, so it is well worth the investment. Trust me. I know. That's why I have no hair (on my head).

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