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Friday, 4 November 2011

Using Google Docs in Writing Workshop

This is the first time we've used Google Docs in this way and it was a really big success. The children did the rough draft on paper first of all, one session, and then took that draft into the Google Doc in a following session. Even the act of taking the rough draft onto the Google Docs enabled the students revise, because they didn't just transfer as it was, they were motivated to think about it and make edits even as they transferred it.

We found that the children were more motivated to make larger scale revisions and to more accurately edit through Google Docs. They really enjoyed the commenting feature and this definitely is a tool that enables much more effective teacher feedback including peer feedback with their writing partners. It enables you as a teacher to review their work outside of the lesson as conferring within the lesson with every student can be difficult to manage. These same comments are then the basis for discussions in class afterwards. Overall we found it really beneficial and definitely recommend using Google docs again within writers workshop.

Helen Gamble Literacy Coach - Dover Campus

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