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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Google Doc Templates

Do you wish you had a Google Doc you could just set up as a template that could then be reused over and over?

Well it's not obvious, but it's not that hard to do either, with a couple of pointers:

First Create the Google Doc that you wish to become the template, or maybe and existing doc, that you wish to empty/edit/adjust to use for a template. When it is ready, save as a Google Doc as you normally would.

Now close the document and view all your Docs, most likely in the Home view. (Click Documents on the Main Menu to get to your Documents Home screen.)

Right click on the document you wish to make into a template and choose 'Submit to template gallery' from near the bottom of the list.

Now you will see a window requesting you to provide some basic information, for people who are wondering if they would like to use your template as well.

Fill in the basics, and then click 'Submit template' at the bottom.

In not too long at all your template will be added to the other templates created by our colleagues at UWC.

How do you use one? Next time you want to create a new Document, choose 'From template' from the bottom of the create list.

There a few other available, if you just want yours, choose 'My Templates' from the tab at the top. It can take a while for a new template to appear in this list, but it will. One day. Soon.


  1. Nice post, never new but wish I did a long time ago. Do you know if this also copies the document collaborators?

    1. Just saw your comment, I don't think it does! Looks like it's all changed now, and it's even easier.