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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Download Videos from YouTube

Youtube is splendiferous

And what an awesome treasure trove of video delights it is, BUT, not if:

  • you don't want to be reliant upon an internet connection to play the video... especially if you have more than one to show...

  • you have to wait for it to buffer to play, because loads of people just happen to be online right now.

  • you go back to show the video the following week/month/year/decade and it's ...  gone, just gone, or.. what was it called again?

  • it has a load of highly appropriate comments (and the punctuation!!!!!????) underneath it, I've seen swearing in comments on a 1970s Mr Happy video, people swear about Mr Happy? (Or use ViewPure)

  • you want to be able to insert the video into a presentation, or edit it into a video project... OK this one is a bit more geeky, I'll stop now.

Get my point? You can avoid all of the above by downloading the video in question to your computer, also you can then save it somewhere accessible, lie the shared drive, for you beloved colleagues to use as well.

Nerd Alert

It's really great to freeze frame a scene, (space bar to pause/play) and annotate over the image/scene (note facial expressions that indicate mood, scene details, or maybe situational considerations - oooh look the car is falling) using the IWB 'annotate over desktop' feature, (the blue rectangle with squiggle in it...)

So here's my preferred ways to download youtube video, easy and almost as easy:

Use a website...

  1. Find your youtube video, copy the URL in the address bar that's the gobbeldy gook that starts with stuff like ' ... ' stuff in it, see the image below for an example...
  2. Copy it
  3. Go to a conversion site like, there are others.
  4. Paste it in the field (where it says something like 'Enter The Video's URL'
  5. Choose FLV or MP4 (I would choose MP4, it's easier to playback, and edit)
  6. Click the helpful 'Download!' button


Use a FireFox Add-on

Tip - Add-ons are awesome, they are helpful little modifications to your browser that let it do things it can't normally do... like the bionic man.

  1. If you haven't already, download and install Firefox -
  2. Open it
  3. Go to Tools > Add-ons
  4. Click the 'Get Add-ons' tab
  5. Do a search for 'Youtube Download' (there are others, this one I likey) and install it
  6. When it's finished you will be prompted to restart your browser.. please do so
  7. Go to a youtube video, and Oilah! Now a magical 'Download As' button has appeared below the video, so click it!
  8. I would choose MP4 for the aforementioned reasons...
  9. That's it, now any time you visit youtube with this browser on this computer you can download with one click.
  10. Oh, there's more? Why YES. With this Add-on you can also download the audio ONLY, as an MP3 file, really handy for locating obscure bits of music you need...

You might need to download VLC to play the video with, either way it's well worth it.

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