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Monday, 10 October 2011

New Beginnings for Grade 2 students in Digital Literacy

Grade 2 Students make a great start to Digital Literacy in the Primary School

When students start the Junior School they are introduced for the first time to their own individual login, password and personal disk space. There is a lot to learn to be a competent user of I.T. and a good digital citizen. The Grade Two students started the year well and coped extremely well with the challenges they were given.

After the students had confidence in these "housekeeping" skills they went on to make a decision tree using Kidspiration. The next set of the skills the class teachers wanted was for the students to have a strong set of skills using word processing. This included creating documents with good visual appeal and a printed page which highlighted important content and had an appropriate amount of white space on the page. Skills covered included all features of formatting text, borders, inserting clip art and images from a file, printing with appropriate settings and saving documents in a logical organisation of folders with clear easily understood file and folder names.

The next unit of study for the Grade Two students is "How Does Your Garden Grow". Students have planted seeds and are recording the growth of their plants by taking photos on the IPod Touches at time various intervals. They will use these photos to make a video so as the growth of the plant will be speeded up and can been seen by watching the video. After taking their photos the students email them so that they can be saved on the Media Drive and be available for later when they are making their video.

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