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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Get your digital life in sync.

So you're using GMail, and Google Calendar, and now you want to get all that awesome data in sync with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Look no further...

Just follow these screen shots to get everything working. 

First find the Settings icon, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars:

 Add Account:

When you see this screen, choose Gmail:

Then enter your College GApps account details, make sure you include the gapps part of your email address (so it knows it is a GMail account). You can write anything you like for 'Description'.

After a bit of computer magic, you should see the following screen, switch everything on...

Now, when/if you open Mail you have your College Email, and your College Calendar (just your own calendar, not any others you might have added) is displayed in iCal.

If you have several Google calendars you would like to sync to your iDevice, you can do this by going, login to your account, and select the calendars you want to syncronise.  

What's that I hear you yell? What about Notes? GREAT question. Well that's a great perk if you use Apple Mail on your Mac, any notes you create in your GApps account will automatically display in Mail, and vice versa, making it a very effective note taking on the fly tool. In Mail you can see any Notes (one for each GMail account if you have more than one)

That's it, you are connected.

What's that? You want to sync Your Google Calendar with iCal? Well OK then...

In iCal > Preferences > Accounts:

Then click on the little + sign, (bottom left corner) and you'll see this:

Where it says 'Account type:', choose Google, then fill in the rest of your account details, make sure you include the gapps part of your email address.

In iCal you will be able to view your Calendar(s). To edit, create College Calendar events make sure you have clicked on that calendar on the left side:

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