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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Language Tools - Spanish and Webswami

The Spanish Department is currently piloting a piece of online language software called Webswami. This is a language tool, which allows students to record their speaking, seamlessly alongside the teachers oral questions. We are working with Grade 9 and 11 students who now have personal laptops.

This is potentially an excellent tool to support students oral speaking skills, which are always assessed directly with the teacher as an impromptu dicussion. Replicating this learning, and scaffolding their language skills is hard for the teacher due to the time constraints of 1:1 conferencing, but Webswami provides an ideal platform for this to occur. Students can replay or re-record their voices, and then submit the final edit. The teacher can share comments back with the students. Alongside the oral functionality there is a host of other activities available on the WebSwami platform.

For more information contact Vicki Berman, HOD Spanish, UWCSEA Dover.

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