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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Does your Calender think you are in British Columbia?

Many of you have already started using Google calendars, and this year, sooner or later all of you will, more than likely be getting to grips with electronic calendars like Google Calendars. These are being used more and more frequently throughout the college as a better way of managing the mind boggling array of schedules we all juggle so we can meet each other.

Having and sharing calendars makes this far easier than the usual flurry of emails, reply alls, etcetera that usually ensues when attempting to 'find a time' that works for a group.
Usually when you check your mail overseas you will get a prompt from Google asking if you want to change your settings to match your locality, I would click yes. Just remember not to ignore it when it asks you the same question on your return... (which it should). Otherwise...

You will discover that you have stumbled on a common glitch, date settings. For some reason many of your Google accounts are under the impression that you are in Ireland/Iran/Azerbaijan etc. This is probably the price you pay for checking your emails while on holiday.

Here's is how to check and if necessary adjust your date settings:

  1. Open Google Calendar (this is important - opening settings in Mail will only allow you to change Mail settings)
  2. At the top right, click on Settings > Calendar Settings
  3. You should see something like this...

    Screen shot 2011-08-13 at 11.24.06.png
  4. If you copy my settings above you should be fine.

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