Coaching Support and Professional Development - Digital Literacy Dover

Coaching Support and Professional Development

The Digital Literacy Coaches support teachers in several ways to achieve campus and school goals and to improve teacher capacity to innovate and explore digital approaches.
  • Supporting the articulation of Learning Improvement Plans and Departmental or Grade Tech Toolkits, and development through coaching cycles, model lessons, co-teaching, resource creation, training on software/hardware.
  • Supporting individuals in the development of teacher practice and PLP goals.
  • Providing workshops alongside other initiatives such as Concept based teaching and learning, Ongoing Formative Assessment and Differentiation, Digital Citizenship through PSE.
  • Evolving use of Online Learning Platform through workshops and guides.
  • Building capacity of the Tech Mentor group to lead, share and innovate.
  • Providing education to the wider school community and parents about technology use.
  • Outlining technology use for administrative needs - Teacher Admin Technology Essentials
  • Research of current practice and maintaining connections between campuses and beyond.
At Dover Campus we are supported by five coaches. We work across schools and departments but have lead responsibilities in different schools. Please approach anyone of use if you need support.

Several of the group also teach classes, whilst others are more full-time in the coaching role.

External professional development when aligned to the school goals is also available. The list of events for the current academic year is shown below.

External professional development opportunities:

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