About iLearn

The Digital Literacy Coaches work across the Dover Campus of United World College, South East Asia. With the growing adoption of technology across the college through the iLearn initiative, we have been employed to help teachers use technology to support learning in the classroom.

Generally speaking, the Digital Literacy Coaches can help teachers in a variety of ways.
  • Looking at curriculum units where departments wish to infuse a new piece of software or change your teaching approach or form of assessment.
  • Running focused workshops with members of staff on pedagogy and using digital tools in the classroom.
  • Looking at students skills (analytical, reflective, presentation, evaluative) that need improving and what digital resources are available to the classroom teacher. Could be an outcome from the examination results, or past assessments.
  • Team teaching a lesson or series of lessons with members of your department
  • The Digital Literacy Coaches can step into a class and model a lesson and have other teachers observe.
  • Preparing resources to help the students develop technical proficiency in using particular applications, and accessing other technical support staff available on the campus.