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Monday, 9 November 2015

Copyright Licenses

The College takes copyright seriously and adheres to Singapore copyright law at all times. Singapore law does allow some exemptions for non-profit schools, so it is important to read and understand the College copyright policy. This most recent version can be found on the Staff Portal under "College Policies (Staff)" in the Staff folder.

To further assist staff to use copyrighted material the College has obtained an Umbrella License with the Motion Picture Licensing Company (Singapore.) This allows staff to use and show copyrighted films and programmes from a large number of studios/companies from around the world for a variety of purposes; including educational and recreational purposes in both the College and the boarding houses.

Please note:

The license does not provide the right to charge for watching these films or to profit from their use (even for fundraising purposes) the copy of the film or programme used must still be obtained from a legal source, eg purchased DVD, legal streaming service (eg iTunes, Netflix but not Pirate Bay) or local recorded transmission.

The list does include many of the main studios including:
  • Channel 4
  • BBC Worldwide
  • Discovery
  • National Geographic
  • Fox
  • Sony
  • MGM
  • Universal Pictures

The license does not cover every studio (eg not Disney) nor does it cover every film or programme ever made, you do need to check the copyright owner against the list of included companies. For a complete list of studios/companies covered by the license please check here.

More details, including how to check which made a particular film or show can be found here.

You can still use films that are not covered under the Umbrella license for educational purposes, as long as there is a clear educational link to the curriculum topics being covered at that time.  As stated about you still cannot charge for watching the films even for fundraising purposes.

So for example, if you want to show a film as part of the school PSE programme that will highlight specific educational aims and outcomes, then that could be shown; but any grade or department would need as many legitimately purchased copies as are needed to view simultaneously. So it could be one copy if only one class is viewing it at a time, or a copy for each class if all classes needed to view it at the same time. 


The college subscribes to a video streaming service called Kanopy, you can access directly when on campus, no password needed, and there a few 'blockbuster' films in there, and even a few educational ones!

This is for teachers and possible diploma students to access, not younger students, as the films are a mix, with lots of 18 certificate films from The GodFather or No Country for Old Men, to Lemony Snicket or Rango... and everything in between, so you should presume that students can access the whole library if you give them the link.

See this post from our colleagues at the East Campus with more details, and advice on ways to access Kanopy off campus.

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