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Monday, 11 August 2014

Creating Group Email Lists in GMail

First you need the email addresses... 

You can get them through CIMS, here's how. Open up the College Information Management System (CIMS),

First method 

(click to enlarge images):

Go to Students > Search, choose the tutor group or class, and click Go.

Then, you can click on 'Email selected Students' Parents' and Gmail will launch with the email ready to roll.

If you want to turn this into a group you can use over and over, just select all the parent emails in the Bcc field, copy them and paste them into a new Group. How?
  1. Copy the parents (or students) email addresses - click Command + A, then Command + C to copy all
  2. Open a new tab with GMail and select Contacts from the Google Menu
  3. Scroll down to create a New Group from the sidebar 
  4. Name the group with something that makes sense
  5. Click at the top + symbol and paste in the students email addresses.
  6. Done.

Spreadsheet Class Information

You can also download a spreadsheet from CIMS with the class information you need:

In CIMS choose List from the options on the left.

Choose your class, then click Go on the far right.

Now you should be able to download a spreadsheet you can open in Excel, Google Docs, or Numbers.

You can edit/modify this to your hearts content.

Make a Group to Email in GMail

In Google Mail, click Contacts and click on your NEW group (create one if you haven't done so)

You should see an icon that says 'Add to' 'Name of Group' when you roll over it, click that.

Now paste the email list you copied into the white rectangle hole (field).

Then click Add



You can easily edit this list, by adding any additional email addresses using the same method as above, or ticking any you want to remove, and choosing 'Delete contact' from the 'More' menu.

Now in an email you just have start typing the name of the group to email them 'Parents' etc. It might take a while for them to appear... Ideally you should click 'Add Bcc' NOT the 'To' field, to preserve the parents privacy. That way they all get the email, but they can't see everyone else's addresses.

Bewildered about Bcc? Read this post.

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