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Friday, 16 March 2012

Autograph in Maths - Douglas Butler

Douglas Butler, visited our school recently and conducted a series of workshops and modeled a series of lessons using the Autograph Software. Douglas is one of the creators of a piece of software called Autograph. Alongside the graphical calculators, Autograph is one of the most effective tools for students to model, visualise and solve mathematical problems. It is designed in a way that the relatively intuitive for the students to use.

The workshops were focused on the some of the following concepts. Throughout the sessions, our two resident experts Stephen Lumb and Daniel Gaudet documented these ideas and developed out Maths Curriculum to include these transformative ways of teaching mathematical skills. For more information and examples, please talk to either Stephen or Daniel.

Workshop Focuses - March 2012
  • IGCSE Grade 9 Class – Quadratics
  • IGCSE Circle Theorems 
  • Diploma HL and SL focus on Probability Distributions 
  • Diploma HL and SL focus on Calculus
  • Diploma HL focus Statistics and 3-D vectors 

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